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LCI Waste Carbon Calculator



*Default settings use generic Indonesian transportation mode of waste and average distance.

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Our database will be continuously updated to reflect the latest available data.

The methodology for the carbon calculation is based on IPCC 2021.

Why Calculate Your Waste Carbon Footprint?
Quantifying the carbon emissions from your waste disposal enables you
to identify improvement areas and take real actions to addressing your waste.

Simple, credible, easy to use
Powered by Life Cycle Indonesia.
LCI is a Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment Consultant who have been calculating carbon and environmental footprint since 2015.
We help companies and organisations to quantify their sustainability metrics
and define their strategic sustainability roadmap.

We begin our carbon calculation with waste calculator. Enjoy the initial phase of our carbon calculator.

Our environmental impact often stems from wasting resources. To address this, we start by calculating the waste generated in our daily lives.

LCI Carbon Calculator:

  • Waste Module

  • Energy Module (under development)

  • Transportation Module (under development)

Thank you for contributing to our actions towards a sustainable world.

LCI can help you to evaluate your environmental impact and make informed decisions to reduce carbon emissions. Let's try to calculate your waste with our free calculator!

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