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Indonesia's Brand New National Competency Standard for LCA practitioners.

Today 30th November 2023 marks as a historical moment for Indonesia, and perhaps the global LCA community. After a long 2 years process, we finally reached a consensus for the Indonesian National Competency Standard for LCA practitioners.

The standard is developed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia Centre for Human Resource Development Planning (Pusrenbang) and I am honoured and grateful to be trusted in leading the standard development.

Indonesia came late in the development of LCA but we are catching up, hopefully with the right governance, resources and mindset.

With this national competency standard, LCA practiti oners and reviewers will be listed under the Ministry of Manpower as a certified profession.

I think this would be the first official national competency standard for LCA practitioners in the world.

The national competency standard was proposed by the Indonesian Association of Life Cycle Assessment and Sustainability Professionals (Pro-LCAS) back in 2021. Special thanks to PT Life Cycle Indonesia team who have supported the development and shared the knowledge to make this standard possible. Thanks to Bu Dian SR Kusumastuti for your support and your continuous motivation even when we thought we had lost hope.

We had gone through several milestones: My gratitute to Bapak Noer Adi Wardojo, if it weren’t for his support back in 2015, adopting the ISO, we wouldn’t be here. Thanks to Pak Sigit Reliantoro for adopting LCA into the PROPER environmental performance rating and making certified human resources as one of the indicators.

We hope that with this LCA practitioner certification, we can produce reliable LCA results that can be used as the basis for decision making.

Jessica Hanafi

Founder of PT Life Cycle Indonesia



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