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Social LCA Guidelines Revision and Pilot Move Forward

Quoted from Life Cycle Initiative, May 6th 2019

Industrial meeting and expert workshop on the Social LCA Guidelines revision and pilot, held during 24-26 April in Paris

The Social LCA Guidelines revision process reached a new milestone with the industry meeting and expert workshop that took place on April 24th to 26th April at the UN Environment office in Paris. The workshop starts on 24th April with the industry meeting: over 30 participants from different sectors joined the industry meeting with a few more joining remotely. The meeting was a chance to provide an overview of Social LCA and of the progress made in the revision process and also to launch the call for expressions of interest in the road testing. Participants voiced a strong interest in the further development of Social LCA. They applauded the aim of making the guidance more approachable and accessible to a wider audience. In particular, the assessment of life cycle positive social impacts in addition to the evaluation of a product or company footprint was high on the list of most wanted. Many companies expressed an interest in joining the pilots.

The expert workshop, attended by nearly 40 practitioners, was very lively filled with intense and positive discussions on the remaining open questions and comments submitted ahead of the meeting. The group made tangible progress on the revision of the stakeholder categories and impact subcategories and many of the other open items were resolved.

A few working groups were formed to address remaining issues and sections not yet developed such as site-specific data collection and communication. Some points of discussion regarding language to use, the assessment framework organization and the creation of a new stakeholder category will be brought to the advisory committee for gather further input. There will be a webinar in early June open to all participants and those interested in the process, summarizing the main take-aways and next steps. Please email for more information and to sign up. This summer the steering committee will integrate and respond to all the comments submitted and will develop the 3rd version of the revised guidance which will go to public consultation in the fall of 2019.​

Our founder Dr. Jessica Hanafi joined the event, and she is honoured to serve as Advisory Committee among the great people in the global LCA community.

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