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LCA “Life Cycle Assessment” is the factual analysis of a product's entire life cycle in terms of sustainability. It is the metric for quantifying your sustainability. This methodology enables us to truly quantify the cradle-to-grave environmental impacts of your product or service comprehensively, by identifying and taking into account what goes in and out of your processes, from raw material acquisition to disposal. The results of studies are useful to make decisions on issues that are significantly contribute to impacts.

LCA framework and methodology is based on ISO 14040/44 which has been adopted into Indonesia National Standard (SNI) ISO 14040:2016 and SNI ISO 14044:2017. It is quantifiable and transparent, it could increase your credibility to stakeholders and customers as they are also growing demand for transparency for your product or service. In Indonesia, several industrial companies have applied this methodology as doing LCA is worth the effort.

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