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ITSoLCA: "Introduction to LCA & Tools" Batch 1 is successfully conducted

Training participants with the trainers.

Participants of ITSoLCA 2016 Batch 1 with trainers.

The trainers (left to right): Dr. Edi Iswanto W, Dr. Jessica Hanafi and Dr. Kiman Siregar.

ILCAN Training Series on LCA (ITSoLCA) 2016 Batch 1 went really well, the feedback was great as well. The participants from academia, government, and NGO joined in, they showed enthusiasm and were very active during the training. Good discussions were also built up between trainers and participants.

The first session on first day of training was started by Dr. Edi Iswanto Wiloso (Puslit Kimia LIPI; ILCAN Chairman). He explained about the importance and concept of LCA, from the background (such as business driver and environmental product and labelling) to the core point of LCA concept. At the end of his session, he gave a group exercise to the participants, in a meaning to encourage them to try implementing the given LCA concept. Next session on the first day was continued and ended by a session from Dr. Jessica Hanafi, explaining the details of LCA.

Dr. Edi Iswanto was explaining about the driver of LCA.

Dr. Edi Iswanto Wiloso was explaining about the driver of LCA

to the participants.

The participants during the group discussion.

On the following day, the training session was continued by Dr. Kiman Siregar explained LCA implementation through a case study on Agricultural sector. The last session of the last day was ended with hands on tutorial of a LCA tool - SimaPro by Dr. Jessica Hanafi.

Dr. Jessica Hanafi (Left) and Dr. Kiman Siregar (Right) during the training session.

The ITSoLCA is a part of ILCAN main programs to share information on LCA methodology and to build capacity on LCA competency to interested parties in academia, government, and industry. It is expected through this training program, the participants in the future could contribute in the implementation of life cycle perspective in product development in Indonesia.

Another training session is planned to be held on Q3 2016, around August/September. Contact us at or visit our LinkedIn page to get your self updated with our training information.

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